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  • Kim Van Sandt

Blending Everything is Beautiful

You know it will be a fun day in art class when you show the kids the project and they shout, "Oh COOL!" So I usually do a bit of a lesson and show them famous artwork and how the artists used the concept I'm talking about, which went well. We looked at some paintings with amazing color blending in them and admired the subtle work and the color changes.

Then I asked if there was one artist who was the best 'blender' of all, and some said, 'there isn't one'. Others figured it out, and shouted, "GOD is the best blender"... and I agreed and showed them this picture. They were amazed at the colors and then even more amazed that I took the picture. But I reminded them the real artist was God. I asked why he would make things so beautiful like this? One of the boys said, "Because it's fun!" While we all agreed, it would be fun to make things like this sky, I explained that he uses his art to get our attention. We talked about what some of us have done to get attention before. That was funny, and definitely not innocent!

But it made me think of another discussion recently. Whoever I was talking to, we were into news headlines and ugly topics. And then we got into how sometimes we don't realize how much things have gradually changed in the last 20, 30, or 40 years. Most families have become "blended" in recent years. And the tones of the skin of our little ones have softened lots of hearts, making some of those older ugly attitudes closer to a thing of the past for most people. I guess that is just another example of God's is color-blending, and it too, is beautiful


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