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  • Kim Van Sandt

The Many Faces of Diesel: A New Employee At Beach Walk Art

Perhaps you remember that Beach Walk Art lost an employee not too long ago. After considering the candidates available, we are happy to announce the 'hiring' of a new staff member in the position of Security Officer. He comes to us from a previous position with Smith Equine & Got Jesus Graphics with great recommendations. His name is Diesel and is a man of many faces (see above). In our short time together he has already chased away some beady-eyed rabbits, a couple birds, and a few other serious threats to our security.

He fits in very well, appearing to mostly add to the silly 'vibe' in our office, he has also been a very polite gentleman toward the other older staff. The shop manager (Bubba) is very satisfied with his work so far and as owner, I can tell we have made a good choice. We did consider someone more threatening, with a more intimidating countenance, like a cane corso or chihuahua. But Diesel has proved to be just what we needed in our little shop. As we compare and contrast current employees with previous, this guy has brought what we needed for this time. He does have some issues with personal space, but Human Resources is coaching him. We look forward to some great years with our new Security officer, Diesel!

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