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  • Kim Van Sandt

Never Alone at the Beach

I was in my hometown (Alpena, Michigan) taking a look at the lake in the off season, because all beach people know that the beach is great, even when it is cold and bathing suits have long been put away.

I soon noticed I was not alone. This guy wasn't exactly 'sly' about his appearance - he just landed front and center on the hood of my car. I think he was trying to 'will' me to give him a French fry or something?

But he reminds me of why I like the beach so much. It may be a quiet, cold day like this, or a loud, exciting, hot, wavy day, but I always feel like I am not alone at the beach. It may at times be the gulls, or the bugs, once a snake (although he was deceased, thank goodness for me), dogs, and people, but there is still someone else who meets me there.

I feel very connected to my heavenly father at the beach. His gaze is quite a bit more friendly than this gull, and his company brings peace, no matter the physical conditions. Sometimes it is just 'time together', other times it is spent in deep thought or debate together (yes I argue with him sometimes, he is very patient with me). It is this peace that I hope to share with others in my artwork, in the natural creative work, but also in the prayers behind them.

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