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  • Kim Van Sandt

Ya ever feel like this?

Have you ever felt like this? This driftwood dude* I met on the beach just reminds me of how I feel this morning. I suppose we can't completely avoid times when we feel like this?

But I try to remind myself, things to refocus my attention in a direction to help me stop feeling this way. After all, even this guy is on the beach. The beach is good. That's a start. Then, he IS driftwood. Driftwood after all, is cool. So he has good things to think about.

I'm working on finding my good things to think about. Trying to also fight the bad things. Sometimes it is a back and forth thing. But God helps me sort through it. In the end, he's got me covered.

*If this makes no sense about a driftwood dude in the picture, then see previous post about "I see things". The things I see often turn into artwork, but he was too heavy to bring home. :)

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