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  • Kim Van Sandt

Life is Messy Sometimes

Recently I made a new project, actually two of them. They turned out really sweet, I liked them a lot, I was happy with the results. When I brought them out at a recent craft fair, people loved them.

But the funny thing was, the process of putting them together was a bit grueling. You can't see that in the finished product. You don't see my burned fingers as I intensified my glue gun skill level. You don't see how slow the process was. And you especially don't see all the excess glue that I pulled at and peeled away, the chunks that I cut out with a razor knife, and the pile of glue accumulating on my work table (pictured above) throughout the process.

I think people are like that too sometimes. They may look all pretty and put together from what you see, but sometimes it was quite the mess to get them there. Others of us, are obvious with our messes. They are easier to see. They are sometimes louder rather than quiet. They don't sweep away easily, maybe they have to be scraped or cut away instead. Sometimes it takes work and/or help to clean up.

With my project, I decided to appreciate the mess. Wouldn't it be cool if we could appreciate our life-messes? Often those messes were unavoidable, out of our control, but they make us who we are, and maybe best of all they show us the Helper that we need. So appreciate your mess maybe?

These two were the projects that produced the mess.

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