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  • Kim Van Sandt

Rainy Day on the Beach 5/2/19

Spent the day up and down the beaches looking for glass and whatever I could find. Found lots of "whatever" and even a little "weird", more info in each caption.

Some shells and a fossil, tile and maybe a crock, but definitely glass and some china. Although, they look pretty subdued here, check out the following pics to get a better idea of what's here.

This is one of the pieces from the pic above. Can you tell what it says or where it's from? I love when there are letters in the glass, that tells you it is more likely old.
This one is a nice piece of brown glass, the dark section at the top is thick, it is a corner section (I probably should have turned it sideways to show that?)

This one was a pretty fossil, nice pattern and sparkly. (Yes, "sparkly" is technical geological terminology.)

And then there is all this weird plasticy stuff. I pick it up, some day I'll make something weird of it. I do apologize (almost) for the one item. It was still in the package, and that is unique, so I had to pick it up.

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