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  • Kim Van Sandt

Barefoot Beach Walk

This is not meant to be heartlessly cruel to those in the Midwest who are facing feet of snow this week, but just a reminder that spring is not too far away, and a little more…

Sunday we went by the beach in a couple of my favorite glass/rock/driftwood hunting spots. I switched from my church shoes to my walking on the beach shoes. Being sensible, I have a pair of shoes, comfortable, sturdy leather, with a spot where my dog chewed on one strap, shoes that can handle the sand and sometimes even the lake. They do have to handle the lake as well, because, well, sometimes I am particularly graceful, and then sometimes not. The leather keeps my feet warm even if they get wet. So I switched from the nicer shoes to the sturdy ones, and started to make my way to the beach.

On my way to the beach I noticed a baby playing barefoot in the sand. And to be honest, my first thought was a little judgey (if that’s a word) – was it really warm enough for a baby to be barefoot in the sand? And then I saw some more barefoot kids. For whatever reason I didn’t notice as many barefoot adults though. And then I thought about it…. It WAS WARM ENOUGH! So I pulled my shoes and socks off and put them in my backpack, and it was GREAT! It feels so much more like spring when you are barefoot in the sand. I even put my feet in the water, although, that was pretty cold, more like the feeling in the Midwest snowstorms in terms of temperature. But it still felt good. There is something about bare feet in the sand that feels like spring. Okay, actually it feels like summer, and I’ve been missing summer, especially peaceful summer on the beach.

The beach is not the only place that can make you feel good like this. Sometimes it is a state of mind, and we miss that state for lots of reasons, busyness, work, responsibilities, all that adult stuff. So you may not be near the beach, but I would encourage you to be like the kids (we don’t always have to be "adulting") and enjoy where you are. Even if it means making snow angels or something equally silly this weekend, be ready to be a kid, even if it seems a little silly or seasonally premature.

(For my super-serious or spiritual friends, please note, bare feet and childish things are not just fun, but according to Matthew 18:1-5, they could be a good start on a path to greatness...become like little children - try it.)

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