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  • Kim Van Sandt

New Heart Rock Items in my Etsy shop

It was a little bit ago, but I added several pieces now to my Etsy shop using heart rocks. I just had a "Heart Rock Day"! I got out my basket of heart rocks and put together several pieces. Some are rather simple and sweet like this one, my favorite. Others are a little more intense and packed (more pics below). But either way they are cool for the various sizes and colors of stone. None were "shaped" by me, they were all shaped by nature (thank you, Lord).

I think my favorite heart rock is the #4 stone in this piece. The little black hearts are a little harder to find, and maybe that made it a little more precious?

I had so much fun making these that I used up half of my Heart Rock basket! I had to go back and look for more! (I like to have lots of options.) Again, most all came from Lake Michigan shorelines (maybe a little Lake Huron too). And to think, at first I thought it was silly to collect them when my neice showed me the heart rock she found on the beach.

These are now available on Etsy, at

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