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  • Kim Van Sandt

New Cairns in Etsy Shop

What's a Cairn? Well, it depends on who you ask. Lots of online references about it being a Scottish term. But they've been used at different points in history.

Some cultures used them to simply mark a path. Sometimes it represents "balance" in life. Sometimes it marked a burial mound, other times it marked a boundary.

The Israelites would build a pile of stones at God's request when he wanted them to remember a miracle he did for them, of how he saved them. I like this use of stacked stones the best.

Although if you like them, you can feel free to have any of the thoughts behind yours. Mostly I hope they convey a peace to the owner, like the peace found on the beach. Especially like when you pick up a stone and you carry it a while, not knowing exactly why -- but feeling like it 'does something' for you.

Like anything peaceful anymore, and especially anything that has a religious significance, there are opponents to cairns. I have heard some urge not to build them on the lake shore because imagine what the beach would look like if people built them all over the place?

Others say the cairns could send people in the wrong direction and get them in trouble. (I can't hardly read google maps, let alone figure out where piles of stones are telling me to go?) And yet others say they could fall on and injure creatures, or disturb their ecosystem. (I think I am still "FOR" cairns.)

There is some focus on the impermanence, and man-made nature of them. Although, if you want something a little closer to permanent, mine are drilled through the centers, and into the top and bottom stones, with a rod through the center and glue to keep them together. I mean, the last thing I want to do is have you bring one home for the peacefulness and have it come apart!?!

These are now available on Etsy, at:

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