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Tool Upgrade (Change?)

The new carry-all. Almost carrying it all too!

I have wanted to share some of my creative process on the Beach Walk Art site, but…. well…. I am more shy than some who know me might think. So, I’ll try this a little at a time…..

I did it. I changed out the tool carry-all that I have used in my crafting for 10 or 15 years for a new one. As I have expanded my projects, my tools have expanded too. So the little carry-all was just not quite fitting any more, and I’ve looked around at lots of options. I have upgraded to this new colorful (a little scary after my soft blue one) carry-all. You can see I’ve got almost everything in it. Maybe too much. But I can still drop it into a large utility tote and have what I need with me when I am on the road.

I did have to adjust a little, the pockets were larger. I added 4 tubes, cylinders to hold stuff in groups, brushes in one, files in one, utility knives in one and miscellaneous in another. I did find one new advantage – the way two of the pockets lined up, I could put my pliers and cutters in, and each pocket holds one of the handles, keeping them from flopping around (check out the last pic at the bottom). So change garnered a little benefit, which feels good.

The old carry-all. And a little of my OCD in the background.

Hopefully it will become like the last carry-all, I will again get used to exactly which side to find which tool and when I am focused and, on a roll, I can quickly get a hand on what I need without disrupting my ‘flow’. But change is hard, scary. It doesn’t matter what kind. This may be silly and small but aren’t many of the changes we struggle over? Circumstances like a budget limit our choices, fear of messing up our routine, wondering if we will even be able to get by, or if this decision will have crippling impact? And if we avoid change, we miss the benefits that usually come with it. And the benefits are the last thing we notice (worry and complain first - appreciate later is unfortunately my routine).

So this carry-all is one minor change, as is sharing info about me and how I work, so I’ll just give you a little info today (okay, if I am honest, it might be a big change for me). I took the picture on my work table (of course after some serious straightening up – yep - OCD issues), so you can see a little of where I work on these projects. The window is crucial. It is hard for me to work facing a wall. And if you look closer, you can see another little bit of info, about how I work, in the picture of my old carry-all.

No, I did not write on the window* – but I have some leftover glass panes from my shelving unit, and they are serving as a nice series of art-project-to-do-lists. Yes, I am a list person (goes with the OCD as my good friend Noella can attest to), but I didn’t want something too loud, creating too much pressure, so the glass panes and wipe off markers work well.

So, a little change, not too painful, and a little info about how/where I work. Go for your own change, and share a little about yourself this week – trust me change can be good, and in our detached social media world, we need to share ourselves a little more (in the right ways).

(*OCD and fear of not being able to get all the marker off, wouldn't let me write on the actual window. :) )

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